Network Tools for the iPhone and Mac

Audio Tutorial

RemoteTap 3 supports audio. Read below how audio support works, what can be done and what cannot. Note that audio requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on the Mac.

How does audio work in RemoteTap?

RemoteTap uses the Mac’s built in microphone to record audio around your Mac. This includes both audio created and played by any Mac application, as well as users in front of the Mac speaking. Optionally, the free Soundflower tool can be used to capture application audio directly in the OS X kernel.

How can the audio quality be improved?

To capture audio directly in CD quality from applications like iTunes or FrontRow, use the free Soundflower tool on your Mac.

When enabling audio, a strange sound repeating itself can be heard, what’s wrong?

When using audio on the iPhone while sitting next to your Mac, please use the earbuds. Else, the Mac’s microphone will pick up the iPhone’s audio and create an audio loop.

When watching a movie on the Mac, video and audio isn’t in synch, why?

RemoteTap is not a streaming client. It doesn’t have direct access to the video and audio data on your Mac, but reads the screen frame buffer for video and records using the built in microphone for audio. Video and audio synch can be improved by reducing the “Audio Buffer” in the iPhone RemoteTap Settings.