Network Tools for the iPhone and Mac

Audio Soundflower

Soundflower is a tool to capture application audio directly in the OS X kernel, providing cd quality sound. Soundflower was developed by Cycling74 and is a free download at Follow the instructions below to setup Soundflower to be used with RemoteTap. Special thanks to Brad Sparks for discovering and publishing this great hint!

1. Download and Install Soundflower
Download Soundflower here, open the downloaded “Soundflower.dmg” file, open “SoundFlower.mpkg” and follow the installation instructions (to be completed with a restart).

2. Setup Soundflower
Open System Preferences, select “Sound”. Select “Soundflower (2ch)” as both Output and Input device:

3. Adjust RemoteTap
Launch the “Settings” application on your iPhone or iPod touch, select “RemoteTap”. Scroll down to the audio options, select “32KHz” as quality. Press the “Home” button, launch RemoteTap, connect to your Mac, tap the audio button and enjoy cd quality audio!

4. Enable/Disable Mac speakers
To enable application audio to be played via your Mac’s speakers as well, select “Built-In Output” from the Soundflower menu: