Network Tools for the iPhone and Mac

User Editable

Custom Keyboards

RemoteTap 4 introduces another "first and only" feature you won't find in any other VNC client for the iPhone, "User Editable Custom Keyboards". In addition to the special keyboards avaiable in earlier RemoteTap versions, RemoteTap 4 now enables you to create, edit, manage, sync, and share your own custom keyboards.

This includes both editing and macro recording support right on the iPhone, and a full featured graphical editor right in the RemoteTap Preference Pane. Click on the links below to learn more.

Edit custom keys right on your iPhone
Record macros and assign them to custom keys right on your iPhone
Adjust custom keyboard iPhone Settings

Manage any number of custom keyboards on your Mac
Edit custom keyoards on your Mac using the built-in graphical editor
Sync your own custom keyboards between your iPhone / iPod touch and Mac
Share your custom keyboards with other RemoteTap users, and vice versa

Download default and other custom keyboards for free