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The future of SpyMe is... RemoteTapMonitor!

We are developing a major update of our Mac OS X remote desktop management client called "RemoteTapMonitor", fully supporting 64bit and other new features. With RemoteTapServer coming, the SpyMe application will not be updated anymore. Existing and new SpyMe users can contonue to download v2.5 and use the following license key:

EMail: demo@readpixel.com


Need to access remote Mac, even worldwide? Need to monitor and control a classroom full of Macs, or a group of public Macs used in an Internet Café? Need to support remote Mac users but can't change their network settings? Don't have a multi-megabit connection? Read on.

What's new in Version 2.3?
SpyMe 2.3 includes a new Internet Café feature, including user access control, fee calculation, and reporting. The new preferences system is more clear and provides direct links to the help pages. The new Help is easier to read and comes with detailed setup instructions for several common routers. Plus more than two dozen fixes and improvements.

Meet the new SpyMe 2
SpyMe 2 comes with a brand new interface. Organize Servers into any number of groups. See which users are logged in, which Mac OS they are running, and how much space is left on their hard drives.


Share and Control
Double click on a Server, and share it's screen. It doesn't matter if the remote Mac has one display, or multiple or even none (headless server), SpyMe 2 will capture and control all of them. Scale the client window seamlessly to any size, and use the built in magnifying glass to check out details.

Monitor whole classrooms at once*
Live monitoring was never easier. One click and the screens of any number of Macs will appear right in front of your eyes. In any required size. One click and all remote Macs can be locked, a useful feature in classrooms. And all this, due to SpyMe's unique Server scaling, with minimal processor and network load. Yes, it runs on a 300MHz G3. Imagine on your system.
*The Monitor feature is included the 10 and Unlimited Server License.

Background Daemon for Remote Login
SpyMe 2 comes with an optional Daemon, a system background software, which launches an invisible SpyMe Agent whenever a user logs in. Even Mac OS X Login Panel and Fast User Switching is supported, go back and forth, SpyMe will follow you wherever you go.

Remote Support Made Easy
Imagine: A call for help from a remote Mac client (or, even more critical, from your mom or dad), and no access to his or her Mac. Worse, no access to the remote network to allow remote management software to pass their firewalls and routers. Without having installed SpyMe 2 before, it will take your client two double clicks and they can ask for help. For each help request, an incoming help call will be displayed on the management station. One click, you're online.

Additional Features
SpyMe 2 supports JPEG Compression using Apple's Core Image, Server screen scaling, desktop backgrounds, full screen mode, file and folder transfer in both directions, pasteboard transfer in both directions, bandwidth control. SpyMe 2 runs natively on any PowerPC or Intel Mac.